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Masterclass by Gabriel Bianco

Gabriel Bianco

Saturday, 2nd November 2024

3:00 PM

Limit of 4 persons

Masterclass by Peter Graneis

Peter Graneis

Sunday, 3nd November 2024

9:00 AM

Limit of 4 persons

Oper For Audition Video NOW!!

Deadline 31.08.2024

Audition Video Requirement

***Participant must perform the exact piece you would like to have a masterclass***

***No fee for audition video***

Participants’ video performance is recorded entirely without cutting a video and without interrupting the camera


As proof that the video recording is intended solely for the Masterclass:


– Participant must pronounce their first name, and surname before performing the program

- Audio editing or inserting the plug-in effect (Reverb, and Deley) are not allowed


- Stopping the video camera during the entire recording is not allowed


- On the recording must be clearly seen

*** Send us a YouTube link, including a short introduction (name, country, place of residence, and age,) to before 31.08.2024.***

The Annoucment will be on 15.09.2024

Participants who got accepted have to pay a masterclass fee before 1st of October

Masterclass fee 3,500 Baht / 50 minutes

Observation fee 500 Baht / 1 event

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